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Walking with my Girl

I have decided not to count the days but make the days count. One way I will make my days count is with daily walks with my girl. We started walking when we had to social distance. It started as a need for exercise for both of us. But it has turned into so much more. So when she asks me every night if we can walk the next day, the answer is and always will be YES! I will make time to walk with her everyday.

It is so nice. We chit chat the whole way about nothing and everything. It make me happy to laugh with her and be silly, to make her laugh with my silly dances in the street. She snapchats pictures of us that gets her many likes which I am learning is a sought after goal. She shares with me little tidbits of gossip. We talk about old times and remember whens. And did I say we laugh. Her laugh fills me with joy. It is so important that we laugh. That she laughs. When we get home, I am happy and re-energized.

I know that when we get back to real life this will change. There will be no more stolen moments to walk at any hour during the day. But I will cherish the time we have and take every moment I can.

Make the days count. Don’t count the days.


Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

2 thoughts on “Walking with my Girl

  1. What a beautiful message and important motto. Making the days count is definitely a priority here, too. I took a midday walk with my son today, and it was divine. Thank you for this slice!


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