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Day 26 – Falling Asleep

Calm the mind. Clear the mind. Relax the body. Deepen the breath. Just watched a segment on the Today Show that shared a sleep technique. This techniques allows you to fall asleep in two minutes. It is a military technique that guarantees sleep in two minutes no matter the surrounding circumstances.

You need to relax down from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. You start at your head and relax everything as you sweep down your body. Every segment, your organs, your hips, your quads, you knees, each part until your feet. Then come back up to the top of your head and repeat down your body all the while you are breathing deeply…slow exhales. As thoughts come into your head, tell yourself, “Don’t think.”

I will put this to the test tonight!


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I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

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