Day 15 – Today was Not a Good Day

Today was not a good day and I am not feeling like a very good teacher.

I am not sure what was happening but today felt so off! I am not sure what it was…the full moon coming, the shift in the weather, or mercury in retrograde.

It started with a conversation with a student who produces very little work. I was trying to collaboratively problem solve to find strategies that could help him be more successful. He just did not want to participate. As I sat with him and asked him what might help him he said, “My brain just doesn’t work. I can’t do anything.” When I suggested that he write with a partner on a story together, he added,” I’ve had writers block since third grade. I was writing a story with X and X when it happened and now I can’t write anymore.” My heart is breaking for him as I struggle to find ways to make him feel successful. I know by the look in his eyes that is not how he feels about himself.

Later in the day, when I reminding another student of hallway expectations, I was told to “shut up.” Now that is not the first this has happened but it especially bothered me today. Even though I know this is his impulsive response, it was very upsetting nonetheless. I am so tired of being spoken to like that regardless of why. I decided to have a conversation about this with him after lunch. I told him how he hurt my feelings and that I don’t deserve to be spoken to that way as I do not speak like that to him. He did apologize and I know it was sincere but I am still bothered. Even as I write this I still have that pit in my stomach.

Today was not a good day but tomorrow will be better. The sun will be shining. I will start over. Tomorrow will be a good day.

Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Today was Not a Good Day

  1. I am sorry things felt off today. I can sense it not just in the obvious word choices but the tone as a whole. However, like you said, the beautiful thing about tomorrows is that they are a blessing and a clean slate to try again. I hope you feel rested in the morning and that tomorrow IS a good day.


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