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Day 3 – Making Something from Nothing

I love to cook and bake. Nothing makes me happier than seeing delighted faces enjoying something I have created. I especially love to prepare food for my 17 year old son. Today I wanted to make him something sweet.

I had many very ripe bananas that I was determined NOT to throw away. What could I make that wasn’t banana bread?? So I searched Pinterest and found recipe that used mashed bananas, cake mix, eggs and oil. So easy and the batter tasted quite delicious. How bad could it be? The sweet aroma of the kitchen brought my son up from his basement chamber to investigate. He almost burned his hand hurriedly reaching for the fresh from the oven treats.

What could make them better? How about frosting? His eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. All it took was some butter, powdered sugar, milk, vanilla and…voila frosting!

I would say these delectables were a success. Made 24…only 9 remain! And I got a big hug from my taller than me son!

As I continue to be grateful and appreciative this month, I realize it how easy it is to make something from what one may perceive as nothing. It is the small things. Today, it was another hug I received. It was from a student who is not a hugger. It took me by surprise but I made sure I let her know how it warmed my heart.

Can you make something from nothing?


Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

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