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What am I…

I am taking these prompts from another writer.

What am I watching: My nights are filled with Schitt’s Creek (if you need to laugh, it’s an absolute must watch), Tournament of Champions on Food Network, Top Chef, Law and Order, SVU (I could watch this all day, every day)

What am I listening to: Insight Timer. Insight Timer is a sleep app. I especially love to listen to the sleep meditation, Bone Deep Sleep.

What am I doing: Trying to develop a schedule for my days of Connected Learning, trying to develop a more consistent yoga practice, trying to have lots of walks with my girl

What am I cooking: Nothing spectacular. One of the grandeur plans I had for this time of quarantine was to do more cooking. This is not as easy as I thought…a trip to the store is not as commonplace as it was in days past. I want to be creative with my menu but maybe when I have developed a better schedule(see above).


Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

4 thoughts on “What am I…

  1. What Am I is a good prompt for grounding and getting through when we need it. I may need to have a dose of Schitt’s Creek as I’m ready for a laugh. I’m watching Tiger King right now. I’m not sure I’m as sold as so many others are. Exhaustion may play a part. I feel like I’d be better off with The Brady Bunch right about now.


  2. How you had grand plans for cooking and it hasn’t panned out. I feel you. My house is always a giant mess. I thought, this would be the time that it would finally get super clean and organized. Well, 2.5 weeks later… Not much has changed.


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