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Connected Learning Our New Normal

Tomorrow starts our first day with Connected Learning. I am both excited and nervous. I am not sure why I am nervous. I think it is just the unknown. It feels a little overwhelming but my team has decided to each take a subject area. So that should help.

I am charged with writing. I am stepping out of my comfort zone by videotaping myself doing lessons. I hate to see and hear myself on the screen but I am learning to overcome that. I have been watching the teaching videos of my mentor, Melanie Meehan. She makes it seem effortless.

It is amazing how mini my mini lessons are when no one is interrupting me. LOL

I am going to use this time to really work on my writing lessons and learn other technology to make these lessons exciting and unique.

To everyone starting Day 1…Good Luck! To everyone who had already completed a week…what tips and ideas can you share?


Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

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