Day 4 – Coronacation Spa Day

My pup – pup Brody

Someone had a spa today. No, it was not me. My dog needed a manicure and a haircut as well as a good teeth cleaning.

He loves to go to the groomer and they love to have him. Today they told me that he brings them joy. They said he provides therapy for them. We all need small moments of happiness these days. I am so glad my dog was able to do that for them.

The groomer made my dog happy today too. Today the groomer was filled with the all the children of employees. Brody had a blast. Brody ran around playing with children and dogs. Doing what he loves most. They even videotaped him playing jump rope. All this activity made Brody one tired dog. Brody is a very energetic dog and anything that makes him tired makes us happy.

It’s the small moments of happiness these days.

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I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

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