Sunday Sit Down

Today felt like an ordinary Sunday. I took a nice walk in the woods by the river with Brody. I did laundry. I paid bills. I oversnacked. Just like an ordinary Sunday.

Tomorrow starts our coronacation. I need to have some kind of plan so that I can be productive. I will schedule professional reading and exercise and writing. There will be time outside with the dog and I will make my list of house projects. I HOPE that my teens will want to play games with me.

Today my husband and I made a list of Netflix movies and shows we will watch over the next two weeks. I hope the list lasts as I have already binge watched Virgin River (which I highly recommend).

Today was just an ordinary Sunday. I wonder what the next week will feel like.

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I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sit Down

  1. OMG – I just posted my slice, just after yours – and wrote on a similar theme. Love the “coronacation” term. Hadn’t heard that yet. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love your hope – “I HOPE that my teens will want to play games with me.” I hope your time together is pleasant. We are all going to need some routine in the midst of all this time together – geez, it is weird. I, too, love the word “coronacation.”


  3. So nice to read about your normal… and I too, “I wonder what the next week will feel like.” Setting up routines is a challenge for me, especially now that my kids are older (11, 14, 16)


  4. My young adult sons don’t want to do anything with me! Even though they live here! I’m creating my own routines. Lots of long walks, I guess!


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