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Margaritas, Chips, and Salsa…oh my!

Is there a better way to end what felt like the last day of school than with margaritas? As with most of us, we are off for the next two week. There was such an odd feeling around school today. Calm, but odd.

There was a lot of cleaning desks and chromebooks, organizing materials, and packing up what might be needed at home. Much like the last day of school.

I am thinking about what this break will mean for me. I am thinking about all the little annoying projects I never have the energy to do around the house. I need to clean and organize my closet. The garage needs to be cleaned out. The house needs some deep cleaning.

I also want to use this time as a sort of reset. I can focus on cleaner eating and more exercise. I can spend some time on bettering me.

So the plans will be lots of: organizing, cleaning, walking, cooking, reading, writing, napping, resetting.

How will you use your time?


Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

3 thoughts on “Margaritas, Chips, and Salsa…oh my!

  1. We just got the announcement today, and we are already on Spring Break. It feels weird. I’m nervous about what this will mean for my Scholars…all the Scholars in our school. I guess I could use this time to get my life right though. i’ll think about it.


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