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What is Love?

In the middle of another binge watch. This time it is Netflix’s Love is Blind. DO NOT JUDGE! The show sets out to answer the question, “Is love blind?” The premise is that if contestants get to know each other on an emotional level, they will fall in love based purely on that emotional connections. They were not allowed to see each other until they agreed to get engaged. I guess these pod dates for some couples lasted eight plus hours a day. Once the couples meet in person and leave the pods, they go on a vacation to Mexico. They share one room. That raised so many questions for me: What if it was revealed they had nasty feet? And what if those feet touched them when they were sleeping? Did they snore? Most importantly, what about the bathroom issues? Then they go on to move in together and merge their lives. Ending with a wedding where they will either say I do or I don’t. All this happens in a span of 37 days. “This is nuts”, I thought as I watched it. I was so skeptical and critical of every episode. But when I paused for a minute, I realized I was being a hypocrite I knew within 48 hours that I had met the man I was going to marry. Yes, it started with physical attraction. We met at a bar in Newport in May of ’98. DO NOT JUDGE. But when we saw each other that next night, I had that feeling… people always told me when you meet the one, you will know. I knew! Deep down in my gut, I knew! 37 days later we had developed that emotional connection. So much so that we booked a wedding venue (for the year 2000) about 2 months after we met. My mother thought I was crazy… but if it didn’t work out we would only lose the deposit. Funny … that thought never even entered my head. This July we will be married for 20 years. We have built a beautiful life. My final thoughts…Love is blind and it is eyes wide open.


Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

5 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Love is insane. I met my current boyfriend when we were in high school. I wasn’t interested then but we were BEST FRIENDS. I have been living out of the country for 6 years now and 2 years ago I realized I think I might like him. From the second I told him that we have been dating. and I knew it was right and we would get married and hopefully have kids together within a week of dating.


  2. Your first post is a knock-out! I laughed at your concern about nasty feet touching. I love how you seque from defending your binge-watching habit to your own true-life story. So glad you are writing with us this March!


  3. Love this sweet post. My parents got engaged after 3 months and have been happily married ever since, my sister and her now husband got engaged in about 3 months as well. Love is blind! This reminded me I’ve been wanting to watch that show, thank you. 😉


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