My Sunday Sit-Down

It is Sunday and time to plan for the week.

First up dinner planning and grocery list. This is the bane of my existence. Who can feel me? After a long day of teaching, the last thing I want to do is make dinner. It does help if I have the menu decided for the week…most of the time. I also have to be more diligent in prepping for the week. My goal is to roast some vegetables and cook up some meat for whatever I plan. Fingers crossed.

Next up, the laundry. I like to have empty baskets by bedtime on Sunday.

Third…planning my outfits for the week. It just saves me time to have an idea of what I might wear everyday…not that I actually wear what I plan. But it is good to have a plan.

Did I mention that I have to go to the grocery store today? Ugh!

Another to do…edit and revise my report cards. They go out at the end of the week and have to be done Monday. Along this same line of work… I have to get ready for students to plan for their student-led conferences. I am trying to streamline this process.

Finally, there is fundraiser at a brewery for Project Graduation. Yes, my daughter is graduating this year. Oh man. I don’t drink beer anymore and it’s school night and it means a shower…so trying to reach down and harness the energy and desire to go.

What is not on my to do list …my nap! It doesn’t seem like there will be time for that in my day. Boo!

Have a productive Sunday!

Published by darlallama

I am a 4th grade teacher, wife, and mother!

3 thoughts on “My Sunday Sit-Down

  1. Your Sunday sounds much like mine! We start spring break next weekend and I’m going into this week feeling like I’ve just run a marathon—the (temporary) finish line is in sight, but I’m gasping for breath and completely exhausted!


  2. Darlene, you sound like a good planner. I wish I had half of those kind of genes. I seem to have lost a few when my children left the nest. I have found that I’m actually more rested during the week to squeeze in chores and cooking if I give myself more downtime on the weekends. I’m an introvert, so I say no to a lot of things and hibernate in my home all weekend if I can. Without that, I will not function. Where are you finding renewal time during your week, dear weary soul?


  3. If you made it to that brewery, high five from me. I just couldn’t. I love the repetition in this piece about the grocery store– yes, you mentioned that!

    Hope you know what you’re wearing!


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